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Grounded is a lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, but headquartered anywhere else in the world where high quality, ethically sound, artisan products are made. To us, life is all about perspective. Our vision is to bring you that perspective through our products, celebrating the diverse heritage that lives on in the modern world.

Through innovative use of Virtual Reality, we bring you to the very workshops that our products have been made in for generations. We bring you, face to face, with the people that make these products for you. In seconds you are transported to the leather shop in India that our Desi Weekender bag is made, where you can watch, stitch by stitch, the process, time, and craftsmanship that goes into your purchase.

Our products are not mass produced. They are not made in unethical conditions. They are handmade, for you, by people just like you. Our products tell a story. A story of ancient craftsmanship urbanised to create unique, modern designs. A story of humans, connecting with humans. Each purchase you make not only goes toward a high quality product, but also helps support a family just like yours, on the other side of the world. This is perspective we all need now, more than ever. This is perspective we all need to Stay Grounded.


The Grounded Team


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